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Calibre K40 Defuser Plus Radar Detectors

Radar and Laser Protection, 100% Protection, 100% Guaranteed.

The best radar/laser protection you can get.

Audio Unlimited is a factory authorized dealer and installer of Calibre's K40 line. For the best in Radar and Laser protection the Calibre K40 is THE ONE. Add the Defuser® EX or Defuser®EX2 and render police laser useless.

Only CALIBRE Radar & Laser Protection Systems incorporate breakthrough wireless technology. That means, with its own independent wireless network, CALIBRE not only protects you from speeding tickets, it protects your car�s complex electronic system and your car warranty.
100% immunity from speeding tickets!
We’ll pay any and all radar speeding tickets you get for one year after purchase, excluding tickets issued in school zones, construction zones and/or when DWI or DUI is involved. No manufacturer of ordinary detectors dares offer this protection.
100% performance guarantee!
If your new K40 Radar Detection System does not outperform any other radar detector you’ve owned, return it within 30 days for full product credit.
100% protection against theft of the unit!
If your K40 is ever stolen anywhere, under any circumstances, we’ll replace it at no cost to you. Just provide us with proof of purchase and a copy of the police report that was filed.
100% quality workmanship guarantee!
We’ll pay for any and all repairs or replacement of defective parts for twelve months after purchase.
CALIBRE’s exclusive, patented design mounts separate wireless radar receivers behind the front grill and rear bumper ~ strategically positioned for the fastest capture of radar signals. Distinct verbal or tone and visual alerts let you know exactly when and where to look for police.

Datadyne Technology™. Not satisfied with earlier capabilities, we completely redesigned our computer- controlled superheterodyne radar receivers. Now you get a significant increase in sensitivity and consistency to all police radar frequencies, especially the newer DSP Ka band radar guns (the most significant threat to motorists today).

With it's wireless & Datadyne technologies CALIBRE is simply the most powerful radar & laser protection system you can buy.

CALIBRE detects all FCC allocated police frequencies including X, K and Ka Superwide. Also, VG-2 Stealth Guard™ passively and actively conceals your system from a police VG-2 Gun (radar detector detector).

With the optional Laser Defuser® EX or EX2 you’ll deactivate police laser capability by emitting a powerful infrared signal back to the gun at a pulse rate the gun can’t understand. It actually deactivates the ability of the laser gun to measure speed, while you receive audio & visual warnings that give you the precious time you need to react and reduce your speed.